Be Safe With IFFY

Iffy is the only mobile application that allows users of online dating platforms to consciously and accurately promote healthy online interactions.

Self Soverign Identity

A model of Identity that works for everyone and everything

Interoperable Identities

Our IFFY mobile application allows secure peer to peer personal information sharing between two individuals.


Keep Your Healthcare Records Safe Online

With the growth of online dating and hook-up apps, STD rates have skyrocketed to all-time highs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 100 million men and women suffer from STDs and HIV in the United States. Twenty million new infections occur annually, costing the American Health Care system $16 billion in direct medical costs. The United States spends almost $30 Billion annually on HIV/AIDS programs; including research, housing, treatment, and prevention. Despite record growth in STD rates, the current administration proposed a 17 percent reduction in CDC federal STD funding nationwide.

With the rise of catfishing, bullying, fraud, censorship and other activities that cause many problems for people on dating and social media platforms, IFFY will usher in community-driven accountability to people dedicated to promoting healthy online relationships.




Of college students contract an STD every year


Americans with chronic infections don’t know it


Americans will contract an STD in their lifetime

1.2 M

Americans will contract an STD in their lifetime

Establish Trust with Verifiable Claims

A verifiable claim is exactly what it sounds like: a claim shared by any person, organization, or thing that can be instantly verified by the receiving party.

Verifiable Address

The post office issues a verifiable claim to Alice attesting that her street address is 123 Main Street.


Share Address Claim

Alice shares this claim with her credit union as part of opening a new account.


Address is Verified

Without having any connection to or interaction with the post office, the credit union instantly and cryptographically verifies that Alice’s claim is signed by the post office and has not been revoked.

Alice now owns this proof-of-address claim and can use it anywhere she wants, as much as she wants, and now the credit union can trust that Alice’s address is 123 Main Street.

Manage all your encrypted personal data

Easily generate data representing your identity all on your own, attach meaningful information to your digital attributes, and build a reputation for your digital self. Using our open source protocol, the SmartWallet lets you request and share identity data in an automated fashion.

Identity Wallet


Trust Circle App

Securely control your Identity

Take advantage of secure encryption and blockchain technology to secure your personal identity data and reduce your exposure to identity theft. Our SmartWallet allows you to control where your personal data goes and how your digital identity is used. Nobody – not even us – can access the data on your device without your permission. You decide who to share your data with and on what basis. It’s that simple.

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